On 16-10-13 08:10 AM, Jiri Pirko wrote:
Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 01:49:07PM CEST, j...@mojatatu.com wrote:
On 16-10-13 04:48 AM, Jiri Pirko wrote:

Roopa, did you mean eth1 as the new device or did you mean just in
general config requiring a device to be specified or did you mean a new
cpu netdev being needed? I couldnt tell from the patch.

You just have to have some netdev to use to funnel the IFE headered
sample skbs to userspace. A dummy or a tap.

I see.
So with nflog you get basically a backend using a netlink socket
but in your case you will redirect to tuntap for the case of local
sflow but some other device for remote? I am assuming using dummy
would require a packet socket as means of retrieving the data.
If you take the structuring of the metadata that nflog uses it should
be easy to transpose.
To Roopa's point, however: Would it not make sense to support nflog
(in addition?).


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