> > Since we will remove items off the list using list_del() we need to
> > use a safe version of the list_for_each_entry() macro aptly named
> > list_for_each_entry_safe().
> >
> > Fixes: 0a7fb11c23c0 ("qed: Add Light L2 support")
> > Signed-off-by: Wei Yongjun <weiyongj...@huawei.com>
> Can the QED maintainers please review this simple fix?
> In my opinion 4 days is sufficient time in which to expect a reasonable 
> review to
> occur, let me know if you disagree. :-)

Sorry about that; The high holy days are killing our productivity. :-(
I did ACK v1, though [and v2 was purely semantic change].

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