This series fixes 2 issues that were found during NCSI's availability
testing on BCM5718 and improves HNCDSC AEN handler:

   * PATCH[1] and PATCH[2] refactors the code so that minimal code
     change is put to PATCH[3].
   * PATCH[3] fixes the NCSI channel's stale link state before doing
   * PATCH[4] chooses the hot channel, which was ever chosen as active
     channel, when the available channels are all in link-down state.
   * PATCH[5] improves Host Network Controller Driver Status Change
     (HNCDSC) AEN handler

Gavin Shan (5):
  net/ncsi: Not fetch active package and channel again
  net/ncsi: Split out logic for ncsi_dev_state_suspend_select
  net/ncsi: Fix stale link state of inactive channels on failover
  net/ncsi: Choose hot channel as active one if necessary
  net/ncsi: Improve HNCDSC AEN handler

 net/ncsi/internal.h    |  2 ++
 net/ncsi/ncsi-aen.c    | 18 ++++++++++--
 net/ncsi/ncsi-manage.c | 80 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 3 files changed, 79 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)


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