On 10/14/16 12:33 AM, Eric Dumazet wrote:
> There is a catch here.
> TCP moves IP6CB() in a different location.
> Reference :
> 971f10eca186 ("tcp: better TCP_SKB_CB layout to reduce cache line misses")

thanks for the reference.

> Problem is that the lookup can happen from IP early demux, before TCP
> moved IP{6}CB around.

For TCP we only need the exact_dif match for listen sockets, so early demux 
does not apply.

> So you might need to let the caller pass IP6CB(skb)->flags (or
> TCP_SKB_CB(skb)->header.h6.flags ) instead of skb since
> inet6_exact_dif_match() does not know where to fetch the flags.
> Same issue for IPv4.

I'll update the match functions to pull from TCP_SKB_CB instead of IP6CB and 
make a note of the above.

Thanks for the review

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