On Fri, 2016-10-14 at 13:23 +0300, Or Gerlitz wrote:
> Paolo,
> Is this fix backportable to any kernel since the breakage? 

yes, AFAIK this is beck-portable.

> Roland mentioned
> that a 2nd change introduced in 4.7-rc1 changed things a bit more such
> that the fix
> he had in his head didn't apply any more.

If you refer to shrinking both IPoIB and gso control buffer, as proposed
by Roland in:


that will not work, since the gso control buffer is grown a bit since
the first time the bug was detected.

This patch does not have that sort of issue.

> I am still travelling after netdev and would like to put an eye on the
> patch and also see that @mellanox.com someone

Not sure if that helps, but a 3rd party has already confirmed privately
that this patch fixes the bug for them.


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