From: Andrew Lunn <>
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 19:56:48 +0200

> This patchset add interrupt controller support to the MV88E6xxx.  This
> allows access to the interrupts the internal PHY generate. These
> interrupts can then be associated to a PHY device in the device tree
> and used by the PHY lib, rather than polling.
> Since interrupt handling needs to make MDIO bus accesses, threaded
> interrupts are used. The phylib needs to request the PHY interrupt
> using the threaded IRQ API. This in term allows some simplification to
> the code, in that the phylib interrupt handler can directly call
> phy_change(), rather than use a work queue. The work queue is however
> retained for the phy_mac_interrupt() call, which can be called in hard
> interrupt context.
> Since RFC v1:
> Keep phy_mac_interrupt() callable in hard IRQ context.
> The fix to trigger the phy state machine transitions on interrupts has
> already been submitted, so is dropped from here.
> Added back shared interrupts support.

Series applied, thanks!

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