> > In fact, this looks a lot like netdev features (e.g: checksum
> > offload), and there seems to be some commonality here between at
> > least Marvell and Microsemi (for the faster link down reporting),
> > so maybe we should start adding PHY features similar to netdev
> > features?

> Sure. 
> I would like add one flag in phy_device structure:
> u64 phy_features;
> In phy_driver structure, i would like to add 2 function pointer as
> int (*phy_featues_set)(struct phy_device *phydev);
> int (*phy_featues_get)(struct phy_device *phydev);
> All the PHY specific features i.e. Fast link failure -2, Downshift, Loopback 
> etc
> are the case in feature_set/feature_get functions.

Please follow how the ethertool features are implemented. So you need
to extend net/core/ethtool.c to pass these call down, etc.


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