From: Jarod Wilson <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2016 15:54:02 -0400

> Now that the network stack core min/max MTU checking infrastructure is in
> place, time to start making drivers use it. We'll start with the easiest
> ones, the ethernet drivers, split roughly by vendor, with a catch-all
> patch at the end.
> For the most part, every patch does the same essential thing: removes the
> MTU range checking from the drivers' ndo_change_mtu function, puts those
> ranges into the core net_device min_mtu and max_mtu fields, and where
> possible, removes ndo_change_mtu functions entirely.
> These patches have all been built through the 0-day build infrastructure
> provided by Intel, on top of net-next as of October 17.

Series applied, thanks Jarod.

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