I noticed a recently added commit 7086605a6a ("stmmac: fix error check 
when init ptp") to the mainline linux tree from you. This commit is 
wrong.  The affected code now reads as:

int stmmac_ptp_register(struct stmmac_priv *priv)
        priv->ptp_clock_ops = stmmac_ptp_clock_ops;

        priv->ptp_clock = ptp_clock_register(&priv->ptp_clock_ops,
        if (IS_ERR(priv->ptp_clock)) {
                priv->ptp_clock = NULL;
                return PTR_ERR(priv->ptp_clock);


        netdev_dbg(priv->dev, "Added PTP HW clock successfully\n");

        return 0;

Firstly, you basically reverted the change I did with commit 
efee95f42b ("ptp_clock: future-proofing drivers against PTP subsystem 
becoming optional").  Please have a look at that commit and ponder its 

Secondly, the error you're actually returning to the caller with your 
patch is actually PTR_ERR(NULL) which is basically a more convoluted way 
to return the same value as what was returned before your patch, which 
is probably not what you intended.

And finally you added a needless initialization of priv->ptp_lock given 
that this was already done a few lines before that addition.

Was this patch actually reviewed?


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