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> Hi Murali 
>> 2. Switch mode where it implements a simple Ethernet switch. Currently
>>    it doesn't have address learning capability, but in future it
>>    can.
> If it does not have address learning capabilities, does it act like a
> plain old hub? What comes in one port goes out all others?

Thanks for the response!

Yes. It is a plain hub. it replicates frame to both ports. So need to
run a bridge layer for address learning in software.

> Or can you do the learning in software on the host and program tables,
> which the hardware then uses?

I think not. I see we have a non Linux implementation that does address
learning in software using a hash table and look up MAC for each packet
to see which port it needs to be sent to.


>> 3. Switch with HSR/PRP offload where it provides HSR/PRP protocol
>>    support and cut through switch.
>> So a device need to function in one of the modes. A a regular Ethernet
>> driver that provides two network devices, one per port, and switchdev
>> for each physical port (in switch mode) will look ideal in this case.
> Yes, this seems the right model to use.
>      Andrew

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