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On 01.12.2016 20:51, Tom Herbert wrote:
>> > E.g. "mini-skb": Even if we assume that this provides a speedup
>> > (where does that come from? should make no difference if a 32 or
>> >  320 byte buffer gets allocated).
>> >
> It's the zero'ing of three cache lines. I believe we talked about that
> as netdev.

Jesper and me played with that again very recently:

In micro-benchmarks we saw a pretty good speed up not using the rep
stosb generated by gcc builtin but plain movq's. Probably the cost model
for __builtin_memset in gcc is wrong?

When Jesper is free we wanted to benchmark this and maybe come up with a
arch specific way of cleaning if it turns out to really improve throughput.

SIMD instructions seem even faster but the kernel_fpu_begin/end() kill
all the benefits.


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