Cong Wang <> :
> alloc_skb(GFP_KERNEL) itself is sleeping, so the new wait api is still
> needed.

The task state change warning is the symptom.

The deeply nested alloc_skb is the problem.

Diagnosis: nesting is wrong. It makes zero sense. Fix it and the
implicit task state change problem automagically goes away.

alloc_skb() does not need to be in the "while" loop.

alloc_skb() does not need to be in the {prepare_to_wait/add_wait_queue ...
finish_wait/remove_wait_queue} block.

alloc_tx() is not correctly named: given its original content, it deserves
to be called something like:


I claim that:
- alloc_tx() should only perform the "wait_for_decent_tx_drain" part
- alloc_skb() ought to be done directly in vcc_sendmsg
- alloc_skb() failure can be handled gracefully in vcc_sendmsg
- alloc_skb() may use a (m->msg_flags & MSG_DONTWAIT) dependant
- most of it can be done in a longterm maintenance pain minimizing
  way. Call it a side-effect: I don't claim that it *must* be done
  this way.


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