[1]Problem description:
   ServerA [bond] ----------- [bond] ServerB
I have two servers which connected with bonding interfaces LACP enabled. Two bonding interfaces are configured like following:
   insmod ./bonding.ko mode=4 lacp_rate=1 all_slaves_active=1
   echo +trunk1 > /sys/class/net/bonding_masters
   echo +eth0 > /sys/class/net/trunk1/bonding/slaves
   echo +eth1 > /sys/class/net/trunk1/bonding/slaves

   Firstly, it works well.
Then, one port (for example, eth0) in serverB failed, it can just send but not receive packets, however it still is UP.
   In serverB, lcap is work well.
While In serverA, eth0 connecting with eth0 in serverB is in the same lacp aggregator with eth1 and traffic is still sent through it.

[2]From the lacp implementation, we can see:
In above condition, eth0 in server A will receive lacpdu which show that AD_STATE_SYNCHRONIZATION is unset in actor_state to indicate there is something wrong in eth0 of server B. However, our implementation of lacp will just check the port parameters and not check the port state. If the peer port state changes, local lacp state machine will not find which will cause the lacp state machine works wrong.

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