From: Paolo Abeni <>
Date: Thu,  3 Aug 2017 18:07:04 +0200

> The __ip_options_echo() function expect a valid dst entry in skb->dst;
> as result we sometimes need to preserve the dst entry for the whole IP
> RX path.
> The current usage of skb->dst looks more a relic from ancient past that
> a real functional constraint. This patchset tries to remove such usage,
> and than drops some hacks currently in place in the IP code to keep
> skb->dst around.
> __ip_options_echo() uses of skb->dst for two different purposes: retrieving
> the netns assicated with the skb, and modify the ingress packet LSRR address
> list. 
> The first patch removes the code modifying the ingress packet, and the second
> one provides an explicit netns argument to __ip_options_echo(). The following
> patches cleanup the current code keeping arund skb->dst for 
> __ip_options_echo's
> sake.
> Updating the __ip_options_echo() function has been previously discussed here:

Series applied, thanks.

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