Stephen Hemminger <> writes:

> On Tue, 08 Aug 2017 16:03:56 +0200
> Vitaly Kuznetsov <> wrote:
>> Stephen Hemminger <> writes:
>> > Previous fix was incomplete.
>> >  
>> Not really related to this patch series (which btw fixes my issue,
>> thanks!), but I found one addition issue. Systemd fails to rename VF
>> interface:
>>  kernel: mlx4_core 0002:00:02.0 eth2: joined to eth1
>>  kernel: hv_netvsc 33b7a6f9-6736-451f-8fce-b382eaa50bee eth1: VF 
>> registering: eth2
>>  kernel: hv_netvsc 33b7a6f9-6736-451f-8fce-b382eaa50bee eth1: Data path 
>> switched to VF: eth2
>>  kernel: mlx4_en: eth2: Link Up
>>  NetworkManager[750]: <info>  [1502200557.0821] device (eth2): link connected
>>  NetworkManager[750]: <info>  [1502200557.1004] manager: (eth2): new 
>> Ethernet device (/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/6)
>>  systemd-udevd[6942]: Error changing net interface name 'eth2' to 
>> 'enP2p0s2': Device or resource busy
>>  systemd-udevd[6942]: could not rename interface '6' from 'eth2' to 
>> 'enP2p0s2': Device or resource busy
>> With some debug added I figured out what's wrong: __netvsc_vf_setup()
>> does dev_open() which sets IFF_UP flag on the interface. When systemd
>> tries to rename the interface we get into dev_change_name() and this
>> fails with -EBUSY when (dev->flags & IFF_UP).
>> The issue is of less importance as we're not supposed to configure VF
>> interface now. However, we may still want to get a stable name for it.
>> Any idea how this can be fixed?
> The problem is Network Manager should ignore the VF device. I don't run NM on 
> these
> interfaces because it causes more issues than it helps (dueling userspace).
> The driver needs to have slave track the master interface. Relying on 
> userspace
> to bring interface up leads to all the issues the bonding script had.
> One option would be to delay the work of bringing up the slave device to allow
> small window for renaming to run.

Actually, I tried removing 'if (dev->flags & IFF_UP)' check from
dev_change_name() and everything seems to work fine. The history of this
code predates git so I have no idea why it's forbiden to change names of
IFF_UP interfaces... I can send an RFC removing the check to figure out
the truth :-)


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