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在 2017/8/2 21:21, Andrew Lunn 写道:
+static struct phy_driver rockchip_phy_driver[] = {
+       .phy_id                 = 0x1234d400,
+       .phy_id_mask            = 0xfffffff0,
+       .name                   = "Rockchip internal EPHY",
+       .features               = (PHY_BASIC_FEATURES | SUPPORTED_Pause
+                                  | SUPPORTED_Asym_Pause),

Please take a look at Documentation/networking/phy.txt and
Fixes: 529ed1275263 ("net: phy: phy drivers should not set 

Pause frames / flow control

  The PHY does not participate directly in flow control/pause frames except by
  making sure that the SUPPORTED_Pause and SUPPORTED_AsymPause bits are set in
  MII_ADVERTISE to indicate towards the link partner that the Ethernet MAC
  controller supports such a thing. Since flow control/pause frames generation
  involves the Ethernet MAC driver, it is recommended that this driver takes 
  of properly indicating advertisement and support for such features by setting
  the SUPPORTED_Pause and SUPPORTED_AsymPause bits accordingly. This can be done
  either before or after phy_connect() and/or as a result of implementing the
  ethtool::set_pauseparam feature.

Thanks for the reminder, I'll remove it.


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