From: "Keller, Jacob E" <>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2017 20:00:55 +0000

> That's what I am worried about. However, I think there are problems
> with leaving it. A lot of drivers rely on netif_running() to
> determine whether or not the device is open, but they may be using
> it relying on all the changes caused by the .ndo_open() handler are
> finished. The current system there is a race, since you set the
> __LINK_STATE_START before .ndo_open is called.

I think this is only a half-accurate description.

What drivers want to know is if initialization phase X of ndo_open()
has completed.

And honestly it must be like this because this is what one would
use to guide the teardown during failure paths of ndo_open(), right?

So I would really rather drivers internally track this "I initialized
X" state, as most drivers do, rather than take the risk of changing
the netif_running() behavior which can impact ~500 drivers :-)

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