From: Jacob Keller <>

In i40e_vsi_add_vlan we treat attempting to add VID=0 as an error,
because it does not do what the caller might expect. We already special
case VID=0 in i40e_vlan_rx_add_vid so that we avoid this error when
adding the VLAN.

This special casing is necessary so that we do not add the VLAN=0 filter
since we don't want to stop receiving untagged traffic. Unfortunately,
not all callers of i40e_vsi_add_vlan are aware of this, including when
we add VLANs from a VF device.

Rather than special casing every single caller of i40e_vsi_add_vlan,
lets just move this check internally. This makes the code simpler
because the caller does not need to be aware of how VLAN=0 is special,
and we don't forget to add this check in new places.

This fixes a harmless error message displaying when adding a VLAN from
within a VF. The message was meaningless but there is no reason to
confuse end users and system administrators, and this is now avoided.

Signed-off-by: Jacob Keller <>
Tested-by: Andrew Bowers <>
Signed-off-by: Jeff Kirsher <>
 drivers/net/ethernet/intel/i40e/i40e_main.c | 23 +++++++++++++----------
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/i40e/i40e_main.c 
index 6a59d9367a2a..1b3b681a8b1d 100644
--- a/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/i40e/i40e_main.c
+++ b/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/i40e/i40e_main.c
@@ -2595,9 +2595,20 @@ int i40e_vsi_add_vlan(struct i40e_vsi *vsi, u16 vid)
        int err;
-       if (!vid || vsi->info.pvid)
+       if (vsi->info.pvid)
                return -EINVAL;
+       /* The network stack will attempt to add VID=0, with the intention to
+        * receive priority tagged packets with a VLAN of 0. Our HW receives
+        * these packets by default when configured to receive untagged
+        * packets, so we don't need to add a filter for this case.
+        * Additionally, HW interprets adding a VID=0 filter as meaning to
+        * receive *only* tagged traffic and stops receiving untagged traffic.
+        * Thus, we do not want to actually add a filter for VID=0
+        */
+       if (!vid)
+               return 0;
        /* Locked once because all functions invoked below iterates list*/
        err = i40e_add_vlan_all_mac(vsi, vid);
@@ -2674,15 +2685,7 @@ static int i40e_vlan_rx_add_vid(struct net_device 
        if (vid >= VLAN_N_VID)
                return -EINVAL;
-       /* If the network stack called us with vid = 0 then
-        * it is asking to receive priority tagged packets with
-        * vlan id 0.  Our HW receives them by default when configured
-        * to receive untagged packets so there is no need to add an
-        * extra filter for vlan 0 tagged packets.
-        */
-       if (vid)
-               ret = i40e_vsi_add_vlan(vsi, vid);
+       ret = i40e_vsi_add_vlan(vsi, vid);
        if (!ret)
                set_bit(vid, vsi->active_vlans);

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