On 1/31/18 1:15 AM, Serhey Popovych wrote:
> With this series I want to do some adjustments in header files for ip(8)
> as well as some trivial cleanups like variable rename and finally use
> addattr_nest()/addattr_nest_end() family instead of open coding nested
> attributes handling.
> See individual patch description for more information on changes
> presented.
> Reviews, comments and suggestions are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Serhii
> Serhey Popovych (3):
>   ip: Consolidate ip, xdp and lwtunnel parse/dump prototypes in
>     ip_common.h
>   ip: Minor cleanups
>   treewide: Use addattr_nest()/addattr_nest_end() to handle nested
>     attributes

series applied to iproute2-next

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