Well, not min_qdisc things, but it should be resolved by:

commit efbf78973978b0d25af59bc26c8013a942af6e64
Author: Cong Wang <xiyou.wangc...@gmail.com>
Date:   Mon Dec 4 10:48:18 2017 -0800

    net_sched: get rid of rcu_barrier() in tcf_block_put_ext()

Against what kernel-version was this be made?
patch from https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/844372/
will not fit against kernel 4.14.15

It is merged during 4.15 window, it was to address a performance
issue, I don't realize it fixes any bug until you report this.

If you need, we can ask DaveM to queue it for stable, but it may
need some other commit too.

It is not for me. It is a general question, if tc schould work with
the requested function general not with the kernel-line 4.14 (As
i was thinking that this should be come to a very long support.
(As i was suggest to read in an german page for computers; but
it may be a mistake from my side)
Or if the 4.14 series come to a "short end" and then it take no
matter when the function not work.

Sure, I will send a list of commits to backport to DaveM.

Only as information:
With Kernel 4.15(.0) i will get the same problem here by me.
At last: kern.err kernel: BUG: scheduling while atomic: tc/23022/0x00000200

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