On 02/03/2018 01:40 PM, Andrew Lunn wrote:
> From: Brandon Streiff <brandon.stre...@ni.com>
> MV88E6352 and later switches support GPIO control through the "Scratch
> & Misc" global2 register. (Older switches do too, though with a slightly
> different register interface. Only the 6352-style is implemented here.)
> Add a new file, global2_scratch.c, for operations in the Scratch & Misc
> space. Additionally, add a GPIO operations structure to present an
> abstract view over GPIO manipulation.
> Reverse Christmas tree and unsigned has been replaced with unsigned
> int by Andrew Lunn.

I thought one of the comments made on Brian's original submission was to
expose GPIO pins as a proper gpiochip which incidentally might help with
GPIOs on the switch being used for other purposes (e.g; LEDs, etc.), is
that an option here?

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