I thought about this and approach below can avoid new ulp type:

1. Register Inline TLS driver to net TLS 
2. enable ethtool -K <interface> tls-hw-record-offload on
3. Issue " setsockopt(fd, SOL_TCP, TCP_ULP, "tls", sizeof("tls")) " after Bind, 
this will enable user fetch net_device corresponding to ipaadr bound to 
interface, if dev found is the one registered and record-offload enabled, 
program the sk->sk_prot as required.
4. fallback to SW TLS for any other case, bind to inaddr_any falls in this 
category and need proper handling?

tls-hw-record-offload is TLS record offload to HW, which does tx/rx and record 
creation Inline.

enum {
        TLS_RECORD_HW, /* TLS record processed Inline */

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On 01/31/18 04:14 PM, Atul Gupta wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 January 2018 10:41 PM, Dave Watson wrote:
> > On 01/30/18 06:51 AM, Atul Gupta wrote:
> > 
> > > What I was referring is that passing "tls" ulp type in setsockopt 
> > > may be insufficient to make the decision when multi HW assist 
> > > Inline TLS solution exists.
> > Setting the ULP doesn't choose HW or SW implementation, I think that 
> > should be done later when setting up crypto with
> > 
> > setsockopt(SOL_TLS, TLS_TX, struct crypto_info).
> setsockpot [mentioned above] is quite late for driver to enable HW 
> implementation, we require something as early as tls_init 
> [setsockopt(sock, SOL_TCP, TCP_ULP, "tls", sizeof("tls"))], for driver 
> to set HW prot and offload connection beside Inline Tx/Rx.
> > 
> > Any reason we can't use ethtool to choose HW vs SW implementation, 
> > if available on the device?
> Thought about it,  the interface index is not available to fetch 
> netdev and caps check to set HW prot eg. bind [prot.hash] --> tls_hash to 
> program HW.

Perhaps this is the part I don't follow - why do you need to override hash and 
check for LISTEN?  I briefly looked through the patch named "CPL handler 
definition", this looks like it is a full TCP offload?

Yes, this is connection and record layer offload, and the reason I used 
different ulp type, need to see what additional info or check can help setup 
the required sk prot.

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