Hello Jose,

I remember that you had a problem
with a use after free in stmmac_tx_clean().
I still don't think that it is related to
commit 05cf0d1bf4, however, when comparing
the stmmac driver to the amd-xgbe driver
I realized that:

xgbe_tx_poll() has both a smp_rmb() after fetching
cur_tx, and also a dma_rmb() after reading the own
bit, before reading any other descriptor fields.

stmmac_tx_clean() has neither a smp_rmb() or a

xgbe_dev_xmit() has a dma_wmb() _before_ setting
the own bit, and a smp_wmb() after setting the own

stmmac simply has a dma_wmb() _after_ setting the
own bit.

I assume you are using a SMP system.

If you can still reproduce your problem quite easily,
perhaps you could try to make stmmac look more like
xgbe in these regards, and see if that solves your
use after free crash in stmmac_tx_clean().

Kind regards,

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