From: Andrew Lunn <>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 01:07:41 +0100

> This patchset adds support for using the PTP hardware in switches
> supported by the mv88e6xxx driver. The code was produces in
> collaboration with Brandon Streiff doing the initial implementation,
> and then Richard Cochran and Andrew Lunn making further changes and
> cleanups.
> The code is sufficient to use ptp4l on a single DSA interface, either
> as a master or a slave. Due to the use of an MDIO bus to access the
> switch, reading hardware timestamps is slower than what ptp4l
> expects. Thus it is necessary to use the option
> --tx_timestamp_timeout=32. Heavy use of ethtool -S, or bridge fdb show
> can also upset ptp4l. Patches to address this will follow.
> Further work is requires to support bridges using Boundary Clock or
> Transparent Clock mode.
> Since the RFC, an overflow bug has been fixed. Brandon Streiff
> has also Acked-by: the updates to his initial patchset.

Looks great, series applied, thanks!

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