Hi David,

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 02:01:25PM +0000, David Laight wrote:
> From: Paul Burton
> > Sent: 17 February 2018 20:11
> > 
> > The ethernet controller found in the Intel EG20T Platform Controller
> > Hub requires that we place 2 bytes of padding between the ethernet
> > header & the packet payload. Our pch_gbe driver handles this by copying
> > packets to be transmitted to a temporary struct skb with the padding
> > bytes inserted
> ...
> Uggg WFT is the driver doing that for?
> I'd guess that the two byte pad is there so that a 4 byte aligned
> frame is still 4 byte aligned when the 14 byte ethernet header is added.
> So instead of copying the entire frame the MAC header should be built
> (or rebuilt?) two bytes further from the actual data.

I agree - the pch_gbe driver is pretty bad and does a lot of things
wrong. Frankly I'm amazed it's in tree, but it is & one patch series
isn't going to fix all of its shortcomings.

So whilst I totally agree that copying around the whole frame is awful,
it's a separate problem to the length used for DMA mapping being
incorrect which is what this patch addresses & I'd rather not start
adding more & more fixes or cleanups into this initial series before the
driver is even functional on my hardware.


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