On (02/21/18 19:39), Willem de Bruijn wrote:
> >> By the way, the put_cmsg is unconditional even if the caller did
> >> not supply msg_control. So it is basically no longer safe to ever
> >> call read, recv or recvfrom on a socket if zerocopy notifications
> >> are outstanding.
> >
> > Wait, I thought put_cmsg already checks for these things.
> It does, and sets MSG_CTRUNC to signal that it was unable to
> write all control data. But by then the notifications have already
> been dequeued.

Putting hyperbole about "no longer safe to ever call read etc" aside,

put_cmsg can also return EFAULT if uspace provides a bogus cmsghdr,
(i.e., copy_to_user fails). So the only thing you can do to really
protect against every possible thing is to requeue the notification 
if put_cmsg fails.

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