On 2/22/18 10:20 AM, David Ahern wrote:
>> This breaks my scripts:
>> # ip -4 rule show
>> 0:      from all lookup local
>> 32766:  from all lookup main
>> 32767:  from all lookup default
>> # ip -4 rule del pref 0
>> RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory
>> Using iproute 4.15 in Fedora 27:
>> # ip -V
>> ip utility, iproute2-ss180129
>> Problem is iproute sets protocol to RTPROT_BOOT while rules are
>> installed with RTPROT_KERNEL.
>> Maybe add FRA_PROTOCOL?
>> Thanks!
> ugh. Another iproute2 bug that the kernel has to deal with. iproute2 has
> been using rtm for the ancillary header for rules when it should have
> been fib_rule_hdr. That bug allowed someone to set the protocol field to
> RTPROT_BOOT which was complete nonsense for rules until Donald's recent
> patch.
> That means all FIB rules need to default to RTPROT_BOOT. I hate to
> inherit that for the l3mdev rule, but looking at the iproute2 code I
> don't see any options.
> Donald: send a patch that changes the protocol for kernel installed
> rules to RTPROT_BOOT.

After more thinking, Donald is going move the protocol to an
FRA_PROTOCOL attribute as you suggested. That avoids breaking legacy
iproute2 and allows us to keep a sane default protocol value.

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