From: Heiner Kallweit <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:22:40 +0100

> Currently, if BIOS enables WOL in the chip, settings are inconsistent
> because the device isn't marked as wakeup-enabled (if not done
> explicitly via userspace tools). This causes issues with suspend/
> resume because mdio_bus_phy_may_suspend() checks whether device is
> wakeup-enabled. In detail MDIO bus access in phy_suspend() can fail
> because the MDIO bus is disabled.
> In the history of the driver we find two competing approaches:
> 8f9d5138035d "r8169: remember WOL preferences on driver load" prefers
> to preserve what the BIOS may have set, whilst bde135a672bf
> "r8169: only enable PCI wakeups when WOL is active" disabled PCI
> wakeup per default to work around a bug on one platform.
> Seems like nobody complained after the latter patch about non-working
> WOL, what makes me think that nobody uses WOL w/o configuring it
> explicitly.
> My opinion:
> Vast majority of users doesn't use WOL even if the BIOS enables it in
> the chip. And having WOL being active keeps the PHY(s) from powering
> down if being idle.
> If somebody needs WOL, he can enable it during boot, e.g. by
> configuring
> Therefore, to make WOL consistent again, disable it per default.
> Signed-off-by: Heiner Kallweit <>


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