The main object of this patch series is to support verification of eBPF
 programs with bounded loops.  Only bounds derived from JLT (unsigned <)
 with the taken branch in the loop are supported, but it should be clear
 how others could be added.
Testing of these changes has consisted only of test_verifier (including
 a small number of loop tests added in patch #8).  Much more testing
 (including more test_verifier test cases) would be needed before these
 patches could be considered ready to apply.

That said, some component parts of the series are useful outside of the
 context of bounded loop handling, and may be worth applying separately.

Patches #1 and #2 (tests) are a nice cleanup/simplification of subprog
 marking.  I posted them a couple of weeks ago as RFC "bpf/verifier:
 simplify subprog tracking"; I have not yet integrated the comments and
 suggestions from replies on that posting (so no need to repeat them!)
Patch #3 is a cleanup we've wanted to do since func_calls went in,
 putting parent pointers in the registers instead of the state so that
 we don't need skip_callee() machinery.  Again, worth doing on its own
 even if the bounded loops stuff is rejected.
Patch #4 moves the saved return-addresses in bpf_func_state down one
 frame, so that we don't store a meaningless callsite of -1 in the
 outermost frame and we do store a state's current insn_idx in the
 innermost frame.  This is necessary for my approach to loop handling,
 which needs to identify the location of jump insns when a loop is
Patch #5 adds a new parent state pointer into bpf_func_state (it should
 really be in bpf_verifier_state, and I later (Patch #10) figured out
 how to make that work) and walks back along these pointers to detect
 loops each time a state list mark is visited.  This then replaces the
 static loop detection in check_cfg.
The verifier already did not walk impossible JEQ/JNE branches; patch #6
 extends this to greater-than/less-than type branches.  As well as
 allowing us to reduce the number of paths walked and prevent
 inconsistent min/max state (potentially making this another one useful
 outside of the series), this means that when we walk around a bounded
 loop we can eventually determine that we're done and stop walking it.
Patch #7 implements the key 'boundedness detection', looking at the
 register state last time through the loop and ensuring that the loop
 is on course to terminate in a reasonable number of iterations.  The
 behaviour could be improved by having it store some state about what
 the boundedness check concluded (e.g. the delta last time through the
 loop) in the new explored_state.
Patch #8 adds some tests for bounded loops, mainly either probing for
 bugs that existed in early versions of the code, or testing constructs
 which are (or were) beyond the verifier's ability to understand.  As
 noted above, there are not nearly enough tests here yet.
Patch #9 is a better way to distinguish between states which have been
 shown to safely reach an exit, and states whose continuations are
 still being explored (since the latter cannot be used for pruning),
 rather than just distrusting all states which appear in a loop body.
Patches #10 and #11 improve upon some suboptimal code from earlier in
 the series, mostly from patch #5.  I haven't yet had time to fold them
 into the earlier patches.  Patch #12 updates a test to match.

  bpf/verifier: validate func_calls by marking at do_check() time
  bpf/verifier: update selftests
  bpf/verifier: per-register parent pointers
  bpf/verifier: store insn_idx instead of callsite in bpf_func_state
  bpf/verifier: detect loops dynamically rather than statically
  bpf/verifier: do not walk impossible branches
  bpf/verifier: allow bounded loops with JLT/true back-edge
  bpf/verifier: selftests for bounded loops
  bpf/verifier: count still-live children of explored_states
  bpf/verifier: parent state pointer is not per-frame
  bpf/verifier: better detection of statically unreachable code
  bpf/verifier: update selftests

 include/linux/bpf_verifier.h                |   46 +-
 kernel/bpf/verifier.c                       | 1267 +++++++++++++++------------
 tools/testing/selftests/bpf/test_verifier.c |  248 +++++-
 3 files changed, 949 insertions(+), 612 deletions(-)

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