From: Ka-Cheong Poon <>
Date: Thu,  1 Mar 2018 21:07:18 -0800

> Commit 0933a578cd55 ("rds: tcp: use sock_create_lite() to create the
> accept socket") has a reference counting issue in TCP socket creation
> when accepting a new connection.  The code uses sock_create_lite() to
> create a kernel socket.  But it does not do __module_get() on the
> socket owner.  When the connection is shutdown and sock_release() is
> called to free the socket, the owner's reference count is decremented
> and becomes incorrect.  Note that this bug only shows up when the socket
> owner is configured as a kernel module.
> v2: Update comments
> Signed-off-by: Ka-Cheong Poon <>

Applied and queued up for -stable.

Please provide a proper, appropriate, "Fixes: " tag next time.
I added it for you in this case.

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