On Fri, Mar 02, 2018 at 08:32:11AM -0800, David Ahern wrote:
> Hardware supports multipath selection using the standard L4 5-tuple
> instead of just L3 and the flow label. In addition, some network
> operators prefer IPv6 path selection to use the 5-tuple. To that end,
> add support to IPv6 for multipath hash policy similar to
> bf4e0a3db97eb ("net: ipv4: add support for ECMP hash policy choice").
> The default is still L3 which covers source and destination addresses
> along with flow label and IPv6 protocol. This gives users a choice in
> hash algorithms if they believe L3 only and the IPv6 flow label are not
> sufficient for their use case.
> A separate sysctl is added for IPv6, allowing IPv4 and IPv6 to use
> different algorithms if desired.
> The first 3 patches modify the IPv4 variant so that at the end of the
> patch set the ipv4 and ipv6 implementations are direct parallels.
> Patch 4 refactors the existing rt6_multipath_hash in preparation for
> adding the policy option.
> Patch 5 renames the existing netevent to have IPv4 in the name so ipv4
> changes can be distinguished from IPv6 if the netevent handler cares.
> Patch 6 adds the skb as an argument through the FIB lookup functions
> to the multipath selection. Needed for the forwarding case.
> Patch 7 adds the L4 hash support.
> Patch 8 adds the hook for the netevent to the spectrum driver to update
> the ASIC.
> Patch 9 removes no longer used code.
> Patch 10 adds a testcase for IPv6 multipath with L4 hash.

David, Great work. Thanks a lot!

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