While testing bpf-next, I noticed that I was reading garbage when
accessing some task_struct members, and the issue seems caused by the
recent commit 2bc2f688fdf8 ("Makefile: move stack-protector
availability out of Kconfig") which removes CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR
from autoconf.h.

When I compile my BPF program, offsetof(struct task_struct, files),
which is the member I'm dereferencing, returns 1768 (where the garbage
is), whereas doing it on 4.15 returns 1776 (where the correct member
is). I believe when compiling with clang this portion of the
task_struct doesn't get considered anymore:

/* Canary value for the -fstack-protector GCC feature: */
unsigned long stack_canary;

I solved it by adding $(KBUILD_CPPFLAGS) to my BPF Makefile (which is
pretty similar to the one used in samples/bpf/Makefile).

Two questions:

1) Do you confirm this is the proper way to handle this moving
forward? Or should there be a better way?

2) Would you consider useful a simple patch to samples/bpf/Makefile so
that other developers will not be stuck in a long bisect to figure out
why they read garbage when dereferencing task_struct? I assume that
several people use that Makefile as a template to start their project,
like I did (perhaps I'm assuming wrong though).


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