On 3/6/18 2:07 PM, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> From: Stephen Hemminger <sthem...@microsoft.com>
> The ip command implementation of JSON was very spotty. Only address
> and link were originally implemented. After doing route for next,
> went ahead and implemented it for a bunch of the other sub commands.
> Hopefully will reach full coverage soon.
> Stephen Hemminger (12):
>   ipneigh: add color and json support
>   ipaddrlabel: add json support
>   iprule: add json support
>   ipntable: add json support
>   ipnetconf: add JSON support
>   tcp_metrics; make tables const
>   tcp_metrics: add json support
>   ipsr: add json support
>   token: support JSON
>   tuntap: support JSON output
>   fou: break long lines
>   fou: support JSON output

applied to iproute2-next.

glad to see the json support. Thanks for working on it.

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