On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 05:12:12PM -0800, Jesus Sanchez-Palencia wrote:
> Design changes since v2:
>  - Now on the dequeue() path, tbs only drops an expired packet if it has the
>    skb->tc_drop_if_late flag set. In practical terms, this will define if
>    the semantics of txtime on a system is "not earlier than" or "not later
>    than" a given timestamp;
>  - Now on the enqueue() path, the qdisc will drop a packet if its clockid
>    doesn't match the qdisc's one;
>  - Sorting the packets based on their txtime is now an option for the disc.
>    Effectively, this means it can be configured in 4 modes: HW offload or
>    SW best-effort, sorting enabled or disabled;

While all of this makes the series and the configuration more complex,
still I like the fact that the interface offers these different modes.

Looking forward to testing this...


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