From: Daniel Borkmann <>
Date: Thu,  8 Mar 2018 02:17:16 +0100

> The following pull-request contains BPF updates for your *net* tree.
> The main changes are:
> 1) Fix various BPF helpers which adjust the skb and its GSO information
>    with regards to SCTP GSO. The latter is a special case where gso_size
>    is of value GSO_BY_FRAGS, so mangling that will end up corrupting
>    the skb, thus bail out when seeing SCTP GSO packets, from Daniel(s).
> 2) Fix a compilation error in bpftool where BPF_FS_MAGIC is not defined
>    due to too old kernel headers in the system, from Jiri.
> 3) Increase the number of x64 JIT passes in order to allow larger images
>    to converge instead of punting them to interpreter or having them
>    rejected when the interpreter is not built into the kernel, from Daniel.
> Please consider pulling these changes from:
>   git://

Pulled, thanks Daniel.

About that x86 JIT passes thing...

I think since you now have a scheduling point in there, you can be
even more liberal with the limit if necessary.

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