hi, I have a question need your help.

I get failure "libbpf: incorrect bpf_call opcode" when running below two cases on v4.16-rc3:
    const char *file2 = "./test_l4lb_noinline.o";


and from the file test_libbpf.sh, it seems libbpf can't load noinline functions.
# TODO: fix libbpf to load noinline functions
# [warning] libbpf: incorrect bpf_call opcode
#libbpf_open_file test_l4lb_noinline.o

They all point to bpf_object__open(filename) at last.
Here(test_progs) test "test_l4lb_noinline.o" but test_libbpf.sh don't.

So, I guess there must be some setting (like certain kernel kconfig or compiling) to make the test work.

Can you tell me how can I make this test(test_progs) pass?

I shall appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience.

Shaoting Lei

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