Here is a series of fixes to issues that occur when SACK is not
enabled for a TCP connection. These are not fixes to just some
remote corner cases of recovery but many/almost all recoveries
without SACK will be impacted by one (or even more than one) of
them. The sender-side changes (1-4) are not mainly, if any, to
improve performance (throughput) but address correctness
(congestion control responses should not get incorrectly
reverted) and burstiness (that may cause additional problems
later as some of the packets in such bursts may get dropped
needing again to resort to loss recovery that is likely
similarly bursty).

v1 -> v2:
- Tried to improve changelogs
- Reworked FRTO undo fix location
- Removed extra parenthesis from EXPR (and while at it, reverse
  also the sides of &&)
- Pass prior_snd_una rather than flag around to avoid moving
  tcp_packet_delayed call
- Pass tp instead of sk. Sk was there only due to a subsequent
  change (that I think is only net-next material) limiting the
  use of the transient state to only RTO recoveries as it won't
  be needed after NewReno recovery that won't do unnecessary
  rexmits like the non-SACK RTO recovery does

v2 -> v3:
- Remove unnecessarily added braces

tcp: feed correct number of pkts acked to cc
tcp: prevent bogus FRTO undos with non-SACK flows
tcp: move false FR condition into
tcp: prevent bogus undos when SACK is not enabled
tcp: send real dupACKs by locking advertized

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