> has uncovered an issue in qede NIC driver [/drivers/net/ethernet/qlogic/qede] 
> and
> this driver is seriously broken for basic L2.
That's a bit extreme. There is a race condition bug that needs fixing.

> Before the series from John, driver was running fine, probably with hiding a 
> serious
> bug underneath it which got exposed with his series.
> Driver uses mmiowb() after writing TX doorbell in function
> qede_update_tx_producer() to synchronize the write between CPUs and
> that TX doorbell area, driver maps with write combined memory using 
> ioremap_wc().
Yup, that's the problem. Write combined bar is relaxed-ordering bar, so you 
must use
wmb() after the store to flush the wc_buffer. If driver gets scheduled on 
another cpu
before the buffer is flushed and writes to the same address, we can be in 

> This is causing an issue where HW seems to be reading an unexpected producer 
> value
> [not as was written on doorbell, probably an older producer]
> and causing various SKB null condition hit while handling TX completion. This 
> seems to
> be indicating that mmiowb() doesn't seems to be synchronizing/flushing
> writes here, at least on x86_64 SMP,  it's just like a compiler barrier [Not 
> really a
> hardware fence].
> If we replace mmiowb() with wmb() we never hit the problem. wmb() seems to be
> adding some synchronization/flush mechanism here.
> Moreover, if we map doorbell with ioremap_nocache() we never hit problem with
> mmiowb() being there even.
Makes sense.

> Any suggestions or help about this barrier differences will be appreciated 
> here in
> order to prepare a proper fix.
Please prepare the fix with wmb() after the store to flush the write combined 

> Thanks in Advance !!
> Manish Chopra

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