From: Jose Abreu <>
Date: Fri,  6 Apr 2018 14:08:14 +0100

> This a starting point for a cleanup and re-organization of stmmac.
> In this series we stop using hard-coded callbacks along the code and use
> instead helpers which are defined in a single place ("hwif.h").
> This brings several advantages:
>       1) Less typing :)
>       2) Guaranteed function pointer check
>       3) More flexibility
> By 2) we stop using the repeated pattern of:
>       if (priv->hw->mac->some_func)
>               priv->hw->mac->some_func(...)
> I didn't check but I expect the final .ko will be bigger with this series
> because *all* of function pointers are checked.
> Anyway, I hope this can make the code more readable and more flexible now.

The net-next tree is closed, please resubmit this series when it opens
back up.

Thank you.

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