Hi Song,

On 12/07/2017 04:15 AM, Song Liu wrote:
> With current kernel, user space tools can only create/destroy [k,u]probes
> with a text-based API (kprobe_events and uprobe_events in tracefs). This
> approach relies on user space to clean up the [k,u]probe after using them.
> However, this is not easy for user space to clean up properly.
> To solve this problem, we introduce a file descriptor based API.
> Specifically, we extended perf_event_open to create [k,u]probe, and attach
> this [k,u]probe to the file descriptor created by perf_event_open. These
> [k,u]probe are associated with this file descriptor, so they are not
> available in tracefs.

Sorry for being late. One simple question..

Will it be good to support k/uprobe arguments with perf_event_open()?
Do you have any plans about that?


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