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>> > Hi Ran
>> >
>> > The Marvell driver makes each port act like a normal Linux network
>> > interface. So if you want to enable a port, do
>> >
>> > ip link set lan0 up
>> >
>> > Want to add an ip address to a port
>> >
>> > ip addr add dev lan0
>> >

I would please like to ask one more about it, if I may.
I thought I understood it all, but seems not.
The switch ports are connected to other PCs (except for one port which
is connected to cpu).
What is therefore the purpose of adding ip address to such ports (the
ip is configured externally in PC).

Thank you for the time,

>> > Want to bridge two ports
>> >
>> > ip link add name br0 type bridge
>> > ip link set dev br0 up
>> > ip link set dev lan0 master br0
>> > ip link set dev lan1 master br0
>> >
>> > Just treat them as normal interfaces.
>> >
>> If I may please ask,
>> What is the purpose of using bridge for configuring switch interfaces.
>> Is it in order to isolate some ports from others?
>> I ask because according to my understanding the default configuration of
>> the driver is to enable switch in "flat" configuration, i.e. as if all
>> ports are connected to each other.
> Please think about what i said. They are standard Linux network
> interfaces. Do standard Linux network interfaces bridge themselves
> together by default? No, you need to configure a bridge.
>          Andrew

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