From: Sasha Levin <>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2018 13:49:40 +0000

> This commit has been processed because it contains a "Fixes:" tag,
> fixing commit: d9f9b9a4d05f devlink: Add support for resource abstraction.
> The bot has tested the following trees: v4.16.1.

This is nice, but it's becomming noise.

I pick and choose specific networking changes to queue up for -stable
and whether it has a Fixes tag or applies cleanly are not the primary
considerations I take into account when deciding what goes to stable
or not.

What matters primarily are two attributes:

1) What is the impact of the bug?

2) How risky is the change?

3) Did someone explicitly ask for the backport?  Why?

These automated emails tell me nothing about either attribute.

I figure out what Fixes: tags are involved and whether the patch
applies cleanly when I process my stable queue of networking patches.

For various reasons I have to do this all manually anyways.  I always
do a full analysis of where the bug came from, and also do manual
code inspection to find the cases where a Fixes: tag indicates a commit
that was also put into stable branches and what impact that has on
the backport of the stable fix for a particular stable tree.

So I would like to kindly ask that you stop sending these automated
emails, they really are not helping my networking stable backport
process at all, and instead are just making more emails I have to
delete from my inbox every day.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration in this matter.

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