On 2018/4/11 18:11, Ying Xue wrote:
On 04/10/2018 09:17 AM, Jia-Ju Bai wrote:
tipc_mon_create() is never called in atomic context.

The call chain ending up at dn_route_init() is:
Sorry, I don't think there is any relationship between the following
call chain with dn_route_init().

[1] tipc_mon_create() <- tipc_enable_bearer() <- tipc_nl_bearer_enable()
tipc_nl_bearer_enable() calls rtnl_lock(), which indicates this function
is not called in atomic context.

Despite never getting called from atomic context,
tipc_mon_create() calls kzalloc() with GFP_ATOMIC,
which does not sleep for allocation.
GFP_ATOMIC is not necessary and can be replaced with GFP_KERNEL,
which can sleep and improve the possibility of sucessful allocation.

Thanks for your reply.
I am sorry for my mistakes.
I will revised the text and send a V3.

Jia-Ju Bai

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