On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 07:38:25AM +0000, Karlsson, Magnus wrote:
> I think you are definitely right in that there are ways in which
> we can improve performance here. That said, the current queue
> performs slightly better than the previous one we had that was
> more or less a copy of one of your first virtio 1.1 proposals
> from little over a year ago. It had bidirectional queues and a
> valid flag in the descriptor itself. The reason we abandoned this
> was not poor performance (it was good), but a need to go to
> unidirectional queues. Maybe I should have only changed that
> aspect and kept the valid flag.

Is there a summary about unidirectional queues anywhere?  I'm curious to
know whether there are any lessons here to be learned for virtio
or ptr_ring.


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