From: Edward Cree <>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 15:52:25 +0100

> On 13/04/18 15:45, David Miller wrote:
>> I understand the constraints you are working under, but do realize
>> that the real root of the problems is that you are implementing what
>> is defined clearly as a synchronous operation as asynchronous.
> Yes, it is unfortunate that we are unable to perform synchronous filter
>  insertions, but you go to war with the hardware you have :(

Whilst you may not be able to program the filter into the hardware
synchronously, you should be able to allocate the ID and get all of
the software state setup.

At least then you can return the proper return value from the netdev

People really aren't going to be happy if their performance goes into
the tank because their filter update rate, for whatever reason, hits
this magic backlog limit.

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