On 4/13/18 2:23 PM, Jeff Barnhill wrote:
> It seems that the ENETUNREACH response is still desirable in the VRF
> case since the only difference (when using VRF vs. not) is that the
> lookup should be restrained to a specific VRF.

VRF is just policy routing to a table. If the table wants the lookup to
stop, then it needs a default route. What you are referring to is the
lookup goes through all tables and does not find an answer so it fails
with -ENETUNREACH. I do not know of any way to make that happen with the
existing default route options and in the past 2+ years we have not hit
any s/w that discriminates -ENETUNREACH from -EHOSTUNREACH.

I take it this is code from your internal code base. Why does it care
between those two failures?

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