> s/to commit/from committing/
> s/entry/entries/

Thanks, will fix that in both patches in v2.

> I think this is a great idea but I suggest porting to the iproute2 package
> so everyone can use it.  Then git rid of the OVS specific prefixes.
> Presuming of course that the conntrack connection
> limit backend works there as well I guess.  If it doesn't, then I'd suggest
> extending
> it.  This is a nice feature for all users in my opinion and then OVS
> can take advantage of it as well.

Thanks for the comment.  And yes, I think currently, iptables’s
connlimit extension does support limiting the # of connections.  Users
need to configure the zone properly, and the iptable’s connlimit
extension is using netfilter's nf_conncount backend already.

The main goal for this patch is to utilize netfilter backend
(nf_conncount) to count and limit the number of connections. OVS needs
the proposed OVS_CT_LIMIT netlink API and the corresponding booking
data structure because the current nf_conncount backend only counts
the # of connections, but it does not keep track of the connection
limit in nf_conncount.



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