On 2018年05月16日 15:40, Andrei Vagin wrote:
On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 03:32:59PM +0800, Jason Wang wrote:
On 2018年05月16日 15:12, Andrei Vagin wrote:
Hi Jason,

I think the problem is in "tun: hold a tun socket during ptr_ring_cleanup".

Pls take a look at the attached patch.

It looks to me it's not necessary to take extra refcnt during release, we
can just do the cleanup at __tun_detach().

Could you help to test the attached patch?
I've run my test on the kernel with this patch. It fixes the problem.
The patch looks correct for me.

Acked-by: Andrei Vagin<ava...@virtuozzo.com>

Cool, thanks a lot!

Let me post a formal patch.

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