Thu, May 17, 2018 at 09:14:32PM CEST, wrote:
>On 05/17/2018 10:39 AM, Jiri Pirko wrote:
>>>> That is compiled inside "fixed_phy", isn't it?
>>> It matches what CONFIG_FIXED_PHY is, so if it's built-in it also becomes
>>> built-in, if is modular, it is also modular, this was fixed with
>>> 40013ff20b1beed31184935fc0aea6a859d4d4ef ("net: dsa: Fix functional
>>> dsa-loop dependency on FIXED_PHY")
>> Now I have it compiled as module, and after modprobe dsa_loop I see:
>> [ 1168.129202] libphy: Fixed MDIO Bus: probed
>> [ 1168.222716] dsa-loop fixed-0:1f: DSA mockup driver: 0x1f
>> This messages I did not see when I had fixed_phy compiled as buildin.
>> But I still see no netdevs :/
>The platform data assumes there is a network device named "eth0" as the

Oups, I missed, I created dummy device and modprobed again. Now I see:

$ sudo devlink port
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/0: type eth netdev lan1
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/1: type eth netdev lan2
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/2: type eth netdev lan3
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/3: type eth netdev lan4
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/4: type notset
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/5: type notset
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/6: type notset
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/7: type notset
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/8: type notset
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/9: type notset
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/10: type notset
mdio_bus/fixed-0:1f/11: type notset

I wonder why there are ports 4-11

>parent device, yes I know this is terrible, but unfortunately we don't
>have anything better at this point, though that could certainly change
>that to take a proper struct device reference in the future.
>I am assuming that you don't have such a network device named "eth0" in
>your system? You can also look at the less than 360 LOCs of the driver
>and find out where your problem is, this is not mlxsw :)

Yeah, I'm a bit lost in the embedded/dsa world :)

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