On 8/9/2018 10:25 AM, Andrew Lunn wrote:
>>> The PCIe core will look in the device tree and when it creates the
>>> platform device for the i210 on the pcie bus, it points
>>> pdev->dev.of_node at this node. So long as you are using a platform
>>> with DT, you can do this. I hope you are not using x86..
>> Yes I am :( Any possible solution for this?

I haven't looked too closely, but maybe you can add a new mdiobus_scan
function for 10G that attempts get_phy_device() with is_c45 set to true
and if nothing is found falls back to get_phy_device() with is_c45 set to
false.  I don't know what would happen if you have a non-c45 phy attached,
but it's worth a shot to try it and see for each situation.


> Well, DT can be used with x86. I think Edison did that. But i assume
> your PCIe host is in ACPI, not DT. So getting this linking working
> will not be easy.
> There has been some work to add an ACPI binding for PHYs. I don't know
> if it actually got far enough that you can hack your DSDT to add a
> PHY. But i'm sure it did not get far enough that you can describe an
> MDIO bus in DSDT, so it probably is not going to help you.
>> I guess in ultimate case I will have to switch to ARM based setup.
> Yes, or MIPS.
>      Andrew

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